Grinstep! a move-to-earn health and fitness application

Grinstep is a groundbreaking Web3 project that aims to transform the way individuals approach physical fitness and financial incentives, by combining the concepts of 'Move to Earn' and cutting-edge blockchain innovations.

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Simple Interface

The app features an intuitive and straightforward interface that makes it easy for users to navigate.

Advanced Security

Grinstep prioritizes the security and privacy of its users, employing several advanced security measures.


Grinstep leverages decentralization and uses blockchain to manage and verify transactions.

A compelling value proposition.

Grinstep Transform Your Steps into Rewards

Unlock the power of movement with Grinstep, the ultimate move-to-earn app that turns your physical activity into valuable rewards. Whether you’re walking, running, or jogging, Grinstep motivates you to stay active by offering crypto tokens and unique NFTs for every step you take. Our user-friendly app features a simple interface, advanced security, and a decentralized marketplace, ensuring a seamless and secure experience. Join a vibrant community of fitness enthusiasts, participate in exciting challenges, and achieve your health goals while earning real rewards. With Grinstep, every step counts towards a healthier, wealthier you.

Grinstep ICO

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  • $0.55 M Soft Cap
  • $1.1 M Hard Cap
Starting Soon
Token Supply 220,000,000 GHT
Price 0.005 USD
Accepted Tokens BTC, ETH, Matic, BNB, USDT
Project Protocol Polygon Network
Soft Cap 550,000 USD
Hard Cap 1,100,000 USD
ICO Coming Soon
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This roadmap provides a high-level overview of the key milestones and activities for Grinstep's development going forward.

Q1 2023

Team Formation.
Research and Concept Development.
Initial Platform Development.

Q2 2023

Token Generation Event (TGE).
Community Building.
App Development and Testing.

Q3 2023

App Refinement and Bug Fixes.
Further Platform Development.

Q4 2023

Alpha Release.
Community Engagement.
Further App Testing and Bug Fixes.

Q1 2024

Marketplace Integration.
Integration of NFT Sneakers System.
In-app Wallet System.
In-app Trade Function.
Security Audits.

Q2 2024

Beta Launch.
GFT Earning System.
In-app Exhange.
Marketplace Enhancement.
Community Engagement and Expansion.

Q3 2024

Partnerships and Integrations
Ecosystem Expansion and Adoption
In-app Sneaker Minting.
Marketplace Filter.
Community Engagement and Expansion.
Gem Sysytem.
Mystery Box System.

Q4 2024

Sneaker Renting.
Marathon Mode.
Badge System.
Quest System


Continuous Development and Innovation.
Further Partnership.
Global Expansion.


The Grinstep app is designed to make fitness fun and rewarding. Here are some key aspects:

  • Grinstep Wallet
  • Activity Tracking
  • Heart Health Monitor
  • Water Intake Tracker
  • Move-to-Earn
  • Decentralized Marketplace
  • Simple Interface
  • Advanced Security


Our team is composed of passionate professionals dedicated to blending fitness and blockchain technology.

Michael Brown

CEO & Lead Blockchain

Robert Wilson

CTO & Fitness Expert

Daniel Thompson

Blockchain App Developer

Jessica Davis

Community Manager

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It’s a great place to connect with other Grinstep users, share your achievements, and stay updated with the latest news, announcements, and community discussions.


We recommend reading through the Grinstep Whitepaper first before trying out any of the Grinstep App's functionalities.
Here, you’ll find answers to the most common questions about Grinstep

Grinstep is a move-to-earn app that rewards users for engaging in physical activities like walking, Jogging, and running. Users can earn crypto tokens and NFTs, participate in challenges, and connect with a community of Health and fitness enthusiasts.

Getting started is easy! Download the Grinstep app from the Google Play Store, create an account, equip an NFT sneaker and start moving. You’ll begin earning rewards for every step you take.

You can earn crypto tokens (GFT/GHT) and unique NFTs by simply moving or completing in-app challenges.

To maximize your token earnings, increase your daily energy by acuiring more NFT sneakers, level-up your NFT sneaker, Use higher quality sneaker type and equip with Gem. Also stay consistent with your physical activities.

Grinstep employs advanced security measures, including data encryption and privacy controls, to protect your personal information. All transactions are secured using smart contracts on the blockchain.

The decentralized marketplace allows users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs with full ownership and control over their digital assets. It leverages blockchain technology to ensure transparency and security.

There are "base returns" provided in the whitepaper that can give you an approximate idea how much you can earn, but keep in mind that GFT earnings depend on a lot of factors:
Shoe attributes (especially efficiency),
Shoe count (how many sneakers you have, since more sneakers = generally more energy),
Shoe quality (common, uncommon, rare, etc.),
Shoe type (walker, jogger, runner, or trainer, since this decides optimal speed) and whether you can actually move within that optimal speed,
Shoe Durability (you get less GFT at 50% durability or lower),
GPS signal (you won't earn as much if your GPS signal is poor and/or the app considers you as moonwalking. moonwalking = no GFT earned, energy may/may not be deducted),
Internet signal strength and stability (if you lose internet connection, you will also be considered moonwalking),
Gems in sockets (especially efficiency gems)
Randomization (there's an in-app calculation that randomizes earnings per minute),
Ensure that you are not using a phone that has been jailbroken, rooted, or has an altered OS. Grinstep will not work properly on such a device, and you may earn ZERO GFT.